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    Albany Water Polo – you will love it here!

We provide the opportunity to play competitive water polo, build great friendships, and learn the skills you need to be a great water polo player. Over the club season the opportunities to play will include games, tournaments, and Junior Olympic Qualifiers.  

Parents – we understand that your athletes have a lot of other activities in their lives…school, work, church, family, etc.  That’s why we strive to be highly organized and provide good communication and promote maintaining priorities in a healthy balance. 

Athletes – we know that you want to improve your skills, have fun and play water polo!  That’s why we provide expertise in coaching.  You will learn good technique and learn how to play the game.  You will have the opportunity to develop great friendships as we promote values of respect and teamwork.  Finally, we will have a lot of fun!  Practices will never be boring, that’s for sure. 

Coach Rob Nelke is the Head Coach for AWP.  He is also a coach for West Albany High School.  Coach Nelke played water polo at Beaverton High school and then at the University of Washington.  Joining Coach Rob Romancier in 1994 at West Albany, the two have coached 4 Girls state championship teams and 3 Boys state championships teams and a combined total of 21 District championships.